Who Are We?

Welcome to Seekers Media, one of Canada’s leading content production and content marketing companies.

A legacy company of Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics, more than a decade later our mission continues to be connecting travel enthusiasts to events and experiences in some of the world's best destinations - Alberta and British Columbia. Both provinces are home to transformative experiences in communities that have so much to offer: outdoor recreation, natural beauty, passionate local retailers, artists and entrepreneurs. 

Seekers' network includes dozens of Canada’s top video, photo, editorial producers, ambassadors, and social media influencers who fuel Seekers Media’s trio of online magazines and their destination connections: 

SnowSeekers: Your online magazine about everything winter in Alberta and B.C.

FestivalSeekers: Your online magazine about festivals and yet-to-be-discovered experiences in Alberta and B.C.

ZenSeekers: Your online magazine about transformative travel in Alberta and B.C.

Join the hundreds of thousands of people who use our websites and social media channels as a source for trip planning and how best to spend their travel dollars. 

Here is a list of some of Seekers Media Expeditions, where we produce fun and adventure-filled road trip and circle tour ideas across Western Canada.







Besides our content production and content marketing collaborations, Seekers Media has also been supporting COVID economic recovery with a Buy Back Better strategy. The award-winning #YourCommunity Online series has delivered hundreds of one-on-one small business coaching sessions that have resulted in overnight sales increases across Alberta and B.C. This includes the Spring 2021 #BuyBasin Festival, conducted completely online through Facebook LIVE broadcasts. The festival featured more than 100 businesses and musicians from around the Columbia Basin, who were coached and then went LIVE on Facebook to give the audience a sneak peek into their passions and services. Nearly all of them experienced sales increases and video views into the thousands, something they'd never experienced before and which generated sales boosts overnight.  

Please check out more of our latest work, like this piece from our five-year running #SkiNorthBC collaborative campaign. The campaign, backed by Destination BC’s co-op marketing program, includes a growing collection of Northern B.C.’s winter tourism industry.